Meet the experts in energy feed supplements

Energy Feeds International is a leading provider of by‐pass fats and mineral supplements to the dairy industry. Through the use of EFI’s full suite of supplements, nutritionists and progressive dairymen are able to customize their rations to maximize profits and feeding efficiency.

We support optimum production and overall herd health through improved feed formulation.

The demands of high milk production, reproduction and maintaining body condition often exceed a cow’s ability to take in adequate levels of energy from traditional rations. Even with high quality forages and concentrates, the dairy cow’s energy intake often falls short of its needs.

Our exclusive line of bypass fats provides energy to dairy cows through all stages of lactation in a form that they are naturally designed to digest, absorb and use. Beyond our proprietary by‐pass fats, Energy Feeds International provides our customers with high quality mineral supplements including MagnaMCP, Manganez98 and Zinc35.

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Did you know EFI’s distribution network ships to customers all over the United States? Ask your sales representative for more information.