Quality and ethics in everything we do

A Promise of Quality

Energy Feeds International provides products of the highest quality and purity, ensuring efficient handling and use through every stage of formulation and feeding.

By combining extensive formulation experience with advanced manufacturing, our customers get the right energy‚Äźdense rations, formulated for a range of nutritional requirements.

We are committed to responsible sourcing

Energy Feeds International is committed to sourcing our bypass fats in ways that encourage sustainable palm oil standards. By sourcing from members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), we are dedicated to responsible agricultural practices at home and abroad.

Learn more about RSPO

Beyond sourcing and Manufacturing

Our commitment to quality extends beyond sourcing and manufacturing. EFI Utilizes third party accredited labs to verify quality and consistency in all of our products. Analysis certificates are made available to our customers at any time.

Login to the left to view the latest Analysis certificates. Contact your Energy Feeds Salesperson for login information. Additional certificates can be made available upon request.



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