Zinc is a critical nutrient. Offspring born to a dam deficient in zinc have a compromised immune capability, and no amount of zinc supplementation at any point in life will repair this deficiency. Zinc uptake can be inhibited by antimetabolites such as phytic acid, or simply excess amounts of other minerals such as iron. NRC recommends 52ppm of zinc in a dairy cow’s ration dry matter. Forages and grains tend to average about half this amount, but can also be completely devoid of zinc (DairyOne forage Lab, Ithaca, NY). Zinc35 is a concentrated source of highly bioavailable zinc, with low levels of heavy metals.

Zinc. . . . . .35%, Sulfur. . . . . .19%, Arsenic. . . . . .1.0 ppm

Zinc35 Technical Data Sheet

Zinc35 material safety data sheet