About NutraCor

NutraCor is made from freshly produced palm oil fatty acid fractions for use as an energy source for ruminants. It uniquely retains a high level of naturally occurring phytonutrients from its non-GMO palm oil sources.

Its high crude fat and C16:0 Palmitic Acid content make it an ideal energy feed and can increase butterfat percentages by enhancing the de novo synthesis during milk production.


Typical Analysis

  • Crude fat 99% 99%
  • FFA 90% 90%
  • C16:o palmitic Acid 80% 80%

Product Specifics:

Blended Fatty Acid Profile
Product Benefit(s)
Crude Fat (Typical Analysis)
Free Fatty Acid/Triglyceride (Type)
Moisture (Typical Analysis)
Palmitic Acid C16:0 (Typical Analysis)
Stearic Acid C18:0 (Typical Analysis)
Oleic Acid C18:1 (Typical Analysis)
Melting Point (Typical Analysis)
Inclusion Rate (Recommended)
.3-.5 lbs
Our Quality Guarantee:  All of our products are regularly analyzed by a third party laboratory to verify quality and consistency – please ask your sales leader for a copy of the most recent analysis certificate.



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Our Quality Guarantee

Energy Feeds International will always provide you with products of the utmost quality and purity, ensuring efficient handling and use through every stage of formulation and feeding.

By combining extensive formulation expertise with advanced manufacturing techniques, our customers get the right energy-dense rations, formulated for a range of nutritional requirements.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond sourcing and manufacturing. EFI utilizes third party accredited laboratories to verify quality and consistency in all of our products. Analysis certificates are made available to our customers at any time.

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