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DCADPro-21 Benefits

Decrease Risk of Milk Fever

Highly Palatable

Increase Success of Transition

Mid-Tier Pricing

About DICADPro-21

DCADPro-21 is a Calcium-enriched Anionic Mineral Supplement. Because it draws its DCAD efficacy from multiple Anionic Sources and requires a lower feeding rate, DCADPro-21 is highly palatable, resulting in minimal to no negative effects on DMI. Feeding multiple Anionic sources may lead to a more consistent urine pH through the feeding period, as they disassociate in the rumen at varied rates.

Calcium supplementation has been shown to help minimize the prevalence of milk fever, and an overall successful transition can increase milk after calving, minimize body condition score loss as well as decrease the risks of several health problems such as milk fever, retained placenta, abomasal displacement, metritis and subclinical acidosis.


Our Quality Guarantee:  Al l of our products are regularly analyzed by a third party laboratory to verify quality and consistency – please ask your sales leader for a copy of the most recent analysis certificate.


Typical Analysis

  • Crude fat 99% 99%
  • Feeding Rate …… 0.8 – 1.2 lbs 0% 0%
  • DCAD …… -806.18 mEQ/100gdm 0% 0%


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Our Quality Guarantee

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By combining extensive formulation expertise with advanced manufacturing techniques, our customers get the right energy-dense rations, formulated for a range of nutritional requirements.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond sourcing and manufacturing. EFI utilizes third party accredited laboratories to verify quality and consistency in all of our products. Analysis certificates are made available to our customers at any time.

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