ZeoTract Benefits

Decrease Presence of Mycotoxins

Anti-Caking and Buffering Agent

Increased Animal Health

Cost: Budget Friendly

About ZeoTract

Proven Strategy to Combat Mycotoxins

ZeoTract is a Sodium Aluminosilicate, generally recognized as safe as an anti-caking agent. Zeolite’s microporous crystalline structure gives it the capacity to exchange selective ions. Its Cation Exchange Capacity and honeycomb framework makes it more selective than alternative products such as Bentonite or sepiolite. 

Zeolites are crystalline, porous aluminosilicates having the capacity to exchange selective ions. Natural zeolites have physical and chemical properties suitable for wide-range industrial and commercial applications. Zeolites have unique interconnecting lattice structures. These unique structures are arranged in such a way that a honeycomb framework of a consistent diameter of interconnecting channels and pores is formed. The negatively charged alumina and neutrally charged silica tetrahedral building blocks are stacked to produce the open three-dimensional honeycomb framework. As a result of the unique structure, Zeolites are able to attract odors and gases and trap them safely and effectively in its crystalline structure.

Zeo-Tract’s Zeolite Component is a Proven Sorbent of Mycotoxins

Zeolite is a GRAS approved hydrated aluminosilicate (HCSAS). Zeo-Tract’s zeolite has a surface area of up to 60 square meters per gram and a microporous crystalline structure into which toxins are absorbed and removed from activity in the gut. “In vitro” and live animal feed studies have shown its efficacy in several animal species.



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